Abandoned Pontiac GTO 1966. American Muscle Car

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Abandoned Pontiac GTO 1966. American Muscle Car. The United States of America is once again pleasantly amaze by the prices of its cars. And this applies to offers for leasing both new cars, for some funny monthly fees, and classic ones, which are many years old, but they look great!
This GTO, even if it looks tired, sells for as little as $1,500, and for me it is a great deal for those who looking for a rebuild vehicle, this one also a classic muscle car too.

Here is a real classic that you can only dream of!
It was parked 34 years ago in front of the owner's home in Alabama, as evidenced by numbers that have not been updated since 1985.
Therefore, do not be surprised at such an abundance of rust on the body, and besides, there is no engine and transmission.
This will definitely not be the easiest project to restore to its former luxury, but if you succeed, then you will become the owner of a true classic American coupe!

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