Chevy Tahoe Road Trip to Lake Tahoe

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This time on Drive Your Adventures on the AutoEdits channel... I road trip the $800 1995 Chevy Tahoe to the actual Lake Tahoe it was named for! (I think... someone let us know... lol)
I first stop by my buddy Joe's house in Santa Cruz to help him button up a few things on his one ton axle Jeep before he heads out to Jeep Jamboree in Big Bear.
It's then on to Lake Tahoe in this cool old Tahoe!
Stick around to the end and I'll walk you through some of the basic tune up items I handled before the trip and explain how it got a little over 18 miles per gallon on the road.
Plus, I'll do a quick feature on one of the very next steering upgrades with some Kryptonite heavy duty steering arms!

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