Flying BIKES, Close Calls & EPIC Motorcycle Moments

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Welcome to the new epic motorcycle moments episode. Let's start!

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I'm adding my narrative to this movie to clarify the context.
Remember - it's always worth learning from other bikers' mistakes.
All clips were used with permission of their original creators:

0:09 Khool Breezee Rhyder - BMW F 900 R rear-ends Dodge Truck -
1:07 northern3000 - how his CBR handled on the grass -
1:15 Slow K67 - Flying Bike -
1:46 Anthony Garcia - Kawasaki ninja 250 fail -
2:39 Simse's workshop! - the moment of inattention ends badly for the biker -
3:04 Superbike Discovery - biker didn't enjoy his new bike for a long time -
6:04 Anthony Garcia - car drive stopping in the middle or a around about -
6:20 DanFastLayne - very lucky biker -
7:01 SR 53 - the craziest biker you've ever seen -

Thank you.
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