Genesis GV90 is the Biggest SUV from Genesis! New Genesis SUV Coming in 2023! GV60 GV70 GV80 GV90

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We at AutoVision have reported several times in the past the possibility of the largest SUV of yet from Genesis, aptly named GV90. And for the first time, there is some substance to the rumor. On February 4th, 2021, the South Korean auto news outlet Top Rider has indicated the existence of the actual plan for the behemoth. To be placed above the already substantially large Genesis GV80, the GV90, once known as eGV90 through the news that the moniker was registered in the US and Korea as one of the future vehicles. And yes, the vehicle once known as e-GV90 is, as the name suggests, will be an electric vehicle. But Genesis will drop the “E” from the name as the Korean luxury automaker will not be producing the internal combustion engine version and go straight to electric. This is similar to the case of the GV60 electric SUV, the smallest of the Genesis’ SUV lineup that was once known as eGV60. Since there will not be an I-C-E version of the car, Genesis decided to drop “E” from the name and just call the compact SUV, the GV60. And like the GV60, the GV90 is expected to be based on the same E-GMP dedicated electric car platform.
The electric Genesis GV90 is expected to be launched in 2023 as a 2024 model at the estimated starting price of $100,000.

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