German ELECTRIC CARS PRODUCTION - Audi Mercedes Bmw Volkswagen FACTORY (Documentary)

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German car factories express the very best in CNC technology for the construction of electric cars. They build and assemble state-of-the-art batteries and electric motors with high performance and low consumption. This allows the top German brands (Audi Mercedes, Bmw, Volkswagen) to offer some of the best electric cars in the world on the market.

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3:00 Mercedes Electric Battery Production
14:00 Mercedes Benz Electric Cars Factory
19:50 Mercedes Robot Plant - Car Factory
27:20 Mercedes Battery Cell Assembly
30:52 Mercedes Robot CNC Car Sealing
31:30 Mercedes Benz Robot Car Painting
42:25 BMW Electric Cars Testing
49:10 BMW Electric Motors Robot Assembly
53:26 BMW Electric Engine Factory
58:12 AUDI Electric Motors Assembly
1:00:00 AUDI Electric Cars Assembly Line
1:05:00 AUDI Robot Electric Motors Sealing
1:08:51 VOLKSWAGEN Recycling Battery Cell Production
1:15:00 VOLKSWAGEN Electric Cars Assembly Line
1:21:00 VOLKSWAGEN Electric Engine Factory

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