Taycan Turbo - Porsche Electric Car. Too fast for most? Or just me?

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My first drive and thoughts on the middle of the range Porsche Electric Car. Is it still aircooled?

Thanks to Porsche Centre Perth for their support, and supplying the car.

Marc and Cars – Porsche Air Cooled Enthusiast

I love all cars, just especially Air Cooled Porsches.

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About me:
I am a 50-year-old Husband, Father, and all round car tragic. I grew up in the car building heartland of Australia. Geelong, Victoria. Having both parents working for Ford Motor Company, the blue oval had a sense of inevitability, which I do still have a soft spot for. Around the age of 10, I saw, and was driven in what was very likely Geelong’s only Porsche 356. The memory is still strong. It was an epiphany after a childhood surrounded by Aussie muscle cars. Escaping in my teens to live in Sydney NSW, I bided my time until I migrated to Perth, Western Australia. Yes, West Australians think of this as another country. This is now home.

My first Porsche was a 1971 2.0l 914. Black on Black, LHD. Great car until it stopped. Alarmingly underpowered for the chassis and brakes, but a lot of fun. I drove it from Perth to Sydney and back. I had big plans for that drivetrain, but it failed me one Sunday afternoon, and 5 years later, was sold to a wrecker for almost the same price that I paid for it, 7 years earlier. Wish I had kept it…

Our 1960 Porsche 356B (T5) Coupe became part of our family in the days following the birth of our daughter, Pearl, in 2012. If you’ve watched any of the earlier videos, you will have likely seen both of them. This one is staying. Pearl can decide what to do with it when we are gone. It is a number’s matching Ruby Red, with black interior. We snuck the purchase in just before the bubble got too big, otherwise, I’d still be fantasizing about it.

We’ve had plenty of great drives in it, and hopefully plenty more to come.

Thank you for spending your valuable time watching my video, and reading my story.
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